IO4 BRIDGE Mobile App


Learning / teaching / training material – Toolkit


the aim of the BRIDGE Mobile APP is to root an approach which brings into the equation mainly the children (but also the parents with IO3) in dealing with the transition, with support from parents, teaching staff and other professionals. The success of any transition is understood as a process of coping, it is achieved when all parties involved in the transition understand and accept it. The wellbeing of the child (and his/her parents) within the new school is then a prerequisite for successful interaction and learning, i.e. they make optimal use of the chances for academic and personal growth that are offered in the new environment.

Challenges addressed within IO4 during the transition process are:

- on the individual level - identity, emotions and ability,

- on the interactional level – loss of and forming new relationships, social roles,

- on the environmental level - new surroundings, curricula, and learning experiences


Hereby a non-exhaustive list of competences that are expected to be acquired by parents attending the Training course:

- Reflect and communicate what educational expectations the parents have.

- Reflect long term perspectives of the child’s education with regard to different categories of school.

- Collect information and gain skills to permit discussion of educational profiles and goals of different school categories.

- Overcome insecurity and fear of new surroundings, i.e. the unknown school type, overcome feelings of guilt, failure and anger regarding prospect of poor educational results are addressed thus preventing frustration.


The content of the mobile app, inline with the Parents Training kit consists of 5 modules, aimed to support students. Each module consists of theoretical and practical content:

  1. Making Friends
  2. Fitting in
  3. Dealing with bullying
  4. Keeping Up
  5. Practical Issues


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